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  • Sanjay Vaghela
    Thanks Ayuraesthetic, i tried so many treatment for my hair fall. Finally one of my friend suggest about ayuraesthetic ayurvedic clinic. After ayurvedic treatment my hair fall stop. And I i see visible new hair growth too. Thank you Dr.Hardevsinh Parmar.
    Sanjay Vaghela
  • Amit Singh
    Ayuraesthetic, wish I had received this treatment 10 years ago. But it's never too late, At last I got a real clinic that treats each person specifically based every individual's "Prakruti (psychosomatic constitution)" and hence the results are sure shot and I experienced no side effects.
    Amit Singh
  • Pravinsinh Talatiya
    I thank Dr. Hardev Singh of Ayuraesthetic for relieving me of my knee pain.
    Pravinsinh Talatiya
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